These are some of the recipes I made over the years. Some of them have become a staple at our house, others have not, but they all tasted great and were fairly simple to prepare. I hope you find something you like!


Eggs in basket with chilli jelly
Gourmet baked beans on toast
Lapsang Souchong tea smoked salmon and croissants

American pancakes
Protein pancakes
Blueberry French bread


Dill soup
Corn chowder
Tofu soup
Chicken wonton soup
Hot and sour noodle soup

Spicy prawn salad
Peanut noodle salad
Five spice tofu and coriander salad
Grilled prawns
Fried calamari rings
Vegetable pakora

Easy goat's cheese tart
Egg fried rice
Beijing fried rice

Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)
Peas and ricotta bruschetta
Roasted chicken, tomato and mayo wraps

Vietnamese rice paper rolls
Thai fish cakes
Sichuan spicy wontons
Pork and water chestnut gyoza dumplings
Prawn balls

Roquamole dip with corn chips
Aubergine dip
Chili feta

Sautéed cabbage
Roasted peppers with goat's cheese
Mint pilau
Jamaican rice and peas
Fancy mashed potatoes
Roasted cauliflower

Spanish style cannellini and tofu
Haloumi lentils

Yellow squash casserole
Savoury bread pudding


Bosnian pot
Meat gibanica
Roasted pepper gibanica
Burek with spinach

Lentil soup
Bean stew
Savoy cabbage stew with beef rissoles

Ratatouille with corn muffins and omelette

Roasted chicken with rice and potatoes
Fillet steak with broccoli and Yorkshire puds
Gammon with leek mash potatoes and parsley sauce
Ćevapi u somunu
Fish and chips with mushy peas
Turkey meatloaf
Beef and asparagus rolls
Slow cooked pork with potatoes
Stuffed veal breast
Sarma (cabbage rolls)
Stuffed courgettes
Lamb koftas in yoghurt sauce
Sunny beef goulash
Wild mushroom and beef stew with vegetable risotto
Texas chilli and corn soufflé
Lamb burgers with goat's cheese and cucumber salad
Chicken paprikash
Chicken and mushroom pie
Southern fried chicken

Griddle honey yellow bean pork
Crispy Mongolian lamb
Spicy Sichuan aubergine
Chongqing beef 
Pad Thai
Taiwanese chicken rice
Spicy tofu and edemame beans
Teriyaki beef
Chinese style fish and chips
Chilli bean cod with mushroom pak choi
Lion head meatballs
Braised firm tofu and tomatoes
Sweet chilli chicken
Thai chicken burger with mango salsa
Chinese burger
Red Thai chicken curry
Gado gado
Malai kofta
Grilled tofu sandwich with fresh coriander chutni
Vegetarian chilli

Eggplant parmesan
Mushroom risotto with semi-dried tomatoes

Shrimp penne
Spinach, tomato and Parmesan pasta
Smoked salmon and broccoli pasta bake

Pasta Primavera
Honey, lemon and haloumi chicken

Vegetarian lasagna
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chicken saltimbocca and cannellini beans
Pasta alla Norma


Ricotta torte with chocolate, Amaretto and nuts
Pannetone and ricotta dome

Malibu Pavlova
Chocolate raspberry Pavlova

Pecan cookies
Peanut butter shortbread
Angel cupcakes
Coconut cupcakes

Watermelon sherbet
Mango sherbet
Blueberry cheesecake gelato
Pistacchio gelato
Plum and cinnamon ice cream

Easy apple cake
Apple strudel
Lazy apple pie (lenja pita)
Plum crumble
Sour cherry strudel
White cake
Chestnut pie

Quick fritters
Caramel croissant pudding
Chocolate sponge cake
Chocolate pear pudding
Vasa torta
Mandarin cake
Chestnut cake
Krempita (vanilla slices)
Foolproof banana cake
Carrot cake
Banana meringue pie


Mango lassi
Sunrise smoothie
Lemon curd tart
Sweet mint tea