2017 - a year in feminism

2017 has brought into sharp focus the issues that have been simmering under the surface for a long time. Previously, only the people who were personally affected by misogyny and violence understood how deeply the defence of those who practice it was embedded in our society. The rape victim would quickly learn that not only was she disbelieved and blamed for the crime committed against her, she was prevented from getting justice and further re-traumatised following the incident, while the clueless people silenced her by saying things like "we have laws against that", "you should report it, of course the police will listen to you", "I'm sure if people knew the details, they would do the right thing" etc. This is also true for the neoliberal gaslighting with regards to anything from wars, austerity and immigration to attacks on women and nature, none of which are possible to hide anymore.

Around the Western world, people have finally woken up to the lip service our rights and laws have become, perhaps because we can more freely communicate with each other via the internet. It's hard to ignore the signs that our society is evolving, and it is only natural for most people to agree on things like curbing violence, improving human rights, undoing wrongs committed in the past such as racism, patriarchy, colonialism, environmental destruction etc. I call it evolution because if you showed a slave in 2000 BC Egypt what we have today, they'd consider it utopia of human rights and progress compared to ehat they have. But our evolution has led us to outgrow current semi-protections from the destructive forces in our society, so the fact we experience what we have now as slavery means we have an urge to do better. And no-one can ignore that there is a lot of room for improvement and need for us to become more sustainable, humane and intelligent. The neocon (or neoliberal, same shit, different toilet) attempts to push us all backwards represent attempts at devolution, and in nature, devolution only occurs when evolution is constrained by adverse physical circumstances. In any case, it isn't good, because it results in unhappy, non-thriving species that struggles with malfunction and isolation.

One of the areas where all this has come to a crux is the fight between women from all over the political spectrum, and misogyny that is driving unquestioning political support for non-scientific transgender ideology. It's easy to see how creating a big market of infertile medical patients for life (which is what these "transgender" children become if given puberty blockers and mutilating surgeries) would benefit various eugenics ideologues, homophobes and capitalists alike, and targeting school children and young vulnerable people with trans-indoctrination has already been approved without any consultation with parents, women's groups or the medical profession. With no further room to expand, capitalism is creating new market by selling identities, and there's a lot of money to be made by big Pharma, medicine, psychology, beauty and many other industries.

Also worrying is the proliferation or explicit televised documentaries and media narratives that focus on sexual development of "transgender" children. These children are portrayed as competent enough to decide to "transition their gender" because it's no longer enough to just allow kids to be kids and choose which toys to play with and which clothes to wear, now it's become essential to medically alter their sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics with puberty blockers and increasingly, surgery. How far off are we from some guy claiming that children are also competent to "consent to sex" with him? This represents sexualising of children "without" sexualising of children (it's medicine, don't you know!), which smacks of paedophilia entering the mainstream in a characteristically passive-aggressive way.

It all seems so ugly, but the boil has been lanced. The house of cards, used to gaslight the society that is ready to transcend to a being a better version of its former self, may seem bound together with superglue, but the cracks are showing. I feel 2018 will be a year of great strides forward, instead of back, in which women and common sense will finally prevail.

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