thoughts on trans-identified men's activism

"Transwomen" isn't a homogenous organism made up of thousands of identical units. "Transwomen" is a current political umbrella term for transsexual men's movement that seeks to undo sex-based protections granted to women through efforts of first and second wave feminism.

Transsexuals are a heterogenous group of men who seek to socialise as women. Some of them are dysphoric and/or traumatised gay males trying to survive patriarchy, others are more or less harmless straight men who are either delusional or sexual fetishists and therefore compelled to present sexually as women. And then there is a significant subset that women are concerned about the most - dangerous predators who impersonate women in order to gain access to victims. See "Ian Huntley" and other rapists who are donning make up and demanding transfers to women's prisons (and having their wishes granted by incomprehensibly ill-advised governments all over the western world).

And then just imagine all those predators who aren't in jail yet, who are unquestioningly embraced into the bossom of the trans movement, who openly support trans-identified criminals (see "Laverne Cox and Cynthia China Blast"). If you are a woman (biological human female) you invariably have a lived experience of men (biological human males of any fashion sense or preferred pronoun) going to incredible lengths to violate women's boundaries, and you know, instinctively, why allowing any man who decides he is a "transwomen" into women-only spaces may be dangerous to women and girls.

Therefore, "transwomen" as a term has become synonynous with men in drag who, through aggressivelly colonising women-only spaces, seek to erase women from discourse and increasingly, public life. These men are currently succeessfully paying their way into legislating their right to force others to validate their, genuine or alleged, delusions of womanhood, and so farm the most tragic casualties are hundreds of children and vulnerable young people who, due to trans social contagion, are being medically harmed with sterilising hormones and mutilating surgeries, under the guidance of this dangerous, non-scientific ideology.

As for explaining the behaviour of some trans identified males at the forefront of this movement, it's like an impostor syndrome, a delusional disorder where a person becomes so obsessed with someone, they gradually become convinced they ARE that other person, who they now see as an "impostor". The only way this can be logically reconciled is for the delusion to evolve into hatred, whereby the original is first demoted to an "impostor" status and then physically removed altogether, which is why, just like most trans activists get (verbally and increasingly physically) violent with women, people who suffer from impostor syndrome not uncommonly turn violent against objects of their obsession. Note the word "object" because both trans activists and impostor syndrome suferers see that other not as a person but an object who embodies qualities they consider theirs for the taking.

In another sense, most heterosexual trans-identified men are fetishists - a psychosexual condition in which people (99% + of whom are men), are unable to view and accept a woman as a whole being so they latch on/fixate on her parts - legs, breasts, womb, vagina etc. This outlook is used to dehumanise and reduce women to "objects" of their desire, parts to have sex with or BE. This is their idea of what "being a woman" is - it's being/performing/posessing a part of a woman that most excites them. Also, fetishists can fixate on external objects. Usually fetishism is used in context of inability to get aroused and orgasm without being allowed to openly fixate on the part that is the fetish, be it legs, long hair, suspenders and lingerie, and sometimes it can be simply shoes or skirts, scarves etc. But in heterosexual trans identified men's case, apart from sexual purposes, the specific part is the only thing able to hold their interest. So their tendency to define "woman" by including or excluding PARTS of actual women - wombs, breasts, make up, costume - depending on whether these parts arouse their interest, validate their agenda, or otherwise help them achieve "intellectual" orgasms while talking down to women amd gaslighting society that they are women, is doing nothing more than betraying their fetishistic mind. Their illogic doesn't "prove they are a woman" or that some actual woman isn't a woman, it's just mental masturbation, and masturbation and arousal at a thought of embodying a "woman identity" is the very driving force behind trans activism and identity ideology.

This is the core mechanism by which a man can keep a straight face as he dons an ultra-sexualised costume representative of womanhood in patriarchy, and claim that being a woman is not a biological reality of half the (oppressed) population, but a feeling in his head (or heart or a male genitals - which 85% of self-declared transwomen choose to keep and henceforth refer to as a "lady penis").

The outcome of all this psychopathology is sinister. In current trans activism, delusions of some elements of that group are used to create ideology by which the oppressor (a man) can finally annihilate his victim (a woman) while gaslighting the society - he seeks to destroy a woman by wearing her skin and pretending to be the victim, so he can get compassion and she can get ostracised and forgotten as if she, or his crime, never existed. Sort of how paedophiles claim to "love" children who they are annihilating with abuse. Rape, of body or mind, is an act of violence not desire, even when it's passively-aggressively concealed under the umbrella of admiration and love.

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