"Like a murder of crows or a conspiracy of ravens, 20 multigenerational women dressed in black rhythmically yip, bay and caw with primal, ritualistic intensity, the front ties of their white head kerchiefs pecking up and down like beaks. Moroccan choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen created Corbeaux ("Ravens") as a one-off performance at the Marrakesh train station during the 2014 Biennale of Contemporary Art. (She may have had the invisibility of Muslim women in mind while making it.) But the controlled animalism and intentionality of the work have, in three short years, found resonance with audiences around the world. Presented in nontheatrical spaces by a combined cast of local performers and members of Ouizguen's Compagnie O, Corbeaux rivets viewers with the power of its nonverbal, unison percussive quality. It conveys the urgency of female experience en masse, while tapping into the ferocity that drives all attempts at greater individual agency."
 —Camille LeFevre

Today is the anniversary of the evening during which I was drugged then raped by my friend and a family doctor. I have written and spoken so many words about this experience over the past nineteen years, that I feel all has been said, and only this simple truth needs repeating. And an observation that the reason why fighting climate change, capitalism, sexual trafficking or any other secondary issue in isolation isn't going so well is because nobody (except for feminists) dares address the root cause of it all - male violence.

I have become a different person from the one I envisaged before I parked my car behind the doctor's surgery on that fateful evening, but I'd like to think that I have done well. I am doing what I always dreamed of - writing novels - I deeply love and am loved, and as of yesterday afternoon, I am a proud owner of a gorgeous white 1930s house which is situated in a lush garden, ten minute walk from the sea.

The project of buying our new home, planning renovations, choosing decor elements and organising tradesmen to help us realise our creative vision has occupied my mind and my time so completely, that these last six weeks have been the easiest six weeks prior to this anniversary that I've had so far.

I feel happy and fulfilled and above all grateful for all the blessings I have received on my journey to recovery.

Today was spent doing more organising, and taking time every now and again, to do something to nourish my body and soul. I had sweet coffe breaks, listened to music with my dog and I watched some beautiful dance on YouTube, which made me cry and release the grief I've been holding onto for so long.

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