Today is one of those days. Since my birthday a week ago, I have been pushing myself to experience, have fun, achieve, move, write, travel, and today I have crashed, exhausted but happy. It's a glorious sunny day on the island, the air smells sweet and there's no wind to chill my bones in the shade, so I decided to take it easy, prepare some healthy food, listen to music, read, relax and have a soak in the hot tub.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures because the food was so tasty, it was gone before it ocurred to me to take a picture. Same goes for all other recipes. Today, I'd rather have a swim in the hot tub than take photos.

This is the recipe for one open sandwich, using a slice from a small 400g loaf of bread. If you are using bigger slices, adjust quantities of toppings accordingly.

Ingredients are layered in order, as per the recipe.

1 small slice of San Francisco sourdough bread
1 tsp pesto aioli (add good basil pesto to good mayonnaise, to taste, we like it medium strong)
2 cherry tomatoes, thickly sliced
pinch of rocket
2 wafer thin slices of pancetta, baked or grilled and drained on kitchen paper
1-2 thin slices of hard cheese (Parmesan, manchego, gouda, whatever you have)

Portion size is 2 - 4 small sandwiches per person, depending on how hungry you are. We had 3 each and it held us all afternoon.

Other things I made today were fruity flapjacks with home made raspberry jam, granola, stewed and pureed prunes (for adding to yoghurt and granola), baked strawberries with honey (for yoghurt and granola), yellow string bean stew with home grown string beans (frozen from last year) and home made malted grain bread. Phew!

Background music today was a great new album called "The Witch" by a band called Pumarosa, Debussy piano favourites and "Snowflakes Are Dancing" by Isao Tomita.

Have a lovely week!

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