mic drop

I wanted to share with you good people a very good, wonderful news.

Yesterday, I have finally finished writing my novel!!! Clocking in at just over 131k words, 33 chapters, 88 scenes and one epilogue, the vampire story that appeared to me in snippets between 2006 and 2012 has finally been told in its entirety.

I remember the time when a part of this story first popped into my head. It was end of 2006, I already quit medicine and started blogging short stories in my native language. As this has met with success - an offer of inclusion into an anthology and the fact people identified with the tales and got obsessed with the author, it has given me encouragement to give writing a serious chance. Being a pragmatic idealist (take that logic classes!) I hoped such a strong reaction from readers should translate well to book sales, which would make a career in writing a worthwhile goal. Because of intimate connection people felt with the narratives, which described the weeks before emigration of a teenager in war-torn Yugoslavia, in order to gauge the quality of each new projecr I developed a nomadic writing habit and moved from blogging platform to blogging platform, so that old populat stories didn't interfere with impressions of the new one. So in 2007 I was offered a publishing deal, this time in Croatia.

Because I haven't lived on territory of former Yugoslavia for over twenty years, and because of the peculiar, jealous and swindling mentality of our people in post-war era (I do not blame them) I saw little point in continuing to write in Serbo-croatian. Even though my past and my people have left an indelible mark on my soul, and even though I knew I would keep writing about it all, in one way or another, I was by this time fully bi-lingual and immersed in anglo-saxon culture. My world has spread much further from the Balkan peninsula, all the way to Australia and England, countries I felt kinship with long before I moved at seventeen years old.

Around this time I suffered a health setback that had me in a bad way for several years. This has slowed the whole process down, so I figured, with the little energy I did have, I'd try to learn how to write fiction in English. "Writer's Journey", many more how-to books and a couple of years on a writer's forum later, I started attacking this story from different angles. Finally, in 2014 the plot and characters came together and I've been slaving at it ever since.

A word to the wise, don't discard your old writings that seemingly go nowhere. Complex stories have a way of surfacing bit by bit, and as I made it deeper and deeper into mine, I found that previous writings gave it framework in a way I never imagined they would.

So that's it! My beta readers are already waiting impatiently for the entire copy, and what's next for me is editing, finding the agent and publisher and so on. In all that, I'm already itching to start on my next story, which will be a detective/mystery novel with paranormal elements, romance and strong female characters. But I need to see this one fly the nest first, and more importantly, I need to get some rest first because I'm buzzing and restless with achieving my dream.


  1. Congrats for finally having written your novel!
    But I dont inderstand, is there a place or an app where you share it and after that you will publish it in a book?

    1. Hey Demi, sorry, I was very excited when I wrote this post, so I wasn't very clear in it :)) No, I won't be sharing it anywhere public right now because I intend to have this story traditionally published (and getting books and ebooks sold to readers by a publishing house) so the prospective publishers would want exclusive rights (for obvious reasons). Beta readers are people a writer knows personally, who have a good eye for editing and feedback, so I'll be sharing the manuscript it with them over the next few months (three people in total). This will allow me to get a mini-impression of what the readers think about it, which will help me in polishing up the manuscript, without compromising exclusive rights of future publisher. Once that's done, and once I find the publisher, a whole another level of editing by in-house professional editors will begin. But I am hoping to get it as presentable as I can n my iwn first, to increase my chances of getting picked up.

    2. I like it that you are so happy and excited about that! :)

    3. Thanks Demi :) It has been a long time that I've been working on this, and writing such a long story is very hard compared to any other writing I've done before, so I wasn't even sure I can do it. Now that I did it, it feels like I graduated all over again :D

      Just wanted to ask you, the other comment you posted, did you remove it or did I mess it up? I published it but it disappeared.

    4. :) be happy.
      Sorry,I deleted it cause I thought it was better not to write it.