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I was just filling out postal voting ballot for our council elections, when I realised that the Tory candidate's middle name is Ulysses. I suppose this is so that his parents never stop showing off the fact that they read the famously dense "Ulysses" as part of their English Lit degrees. So I said that if I ever have a kid, his or her middle name will be Siddartha, or Aldous Huxley. Or why not just go for the conservative jugular and give him three names - King James Bible, so I can send him to Eton, ironically.

I'm watching too much The Flash, as evidenced by my time spent on the website called the Nerdist, raking their archives for spoilers and clues. Tom Cavanagh aka Dr Wells is so incredibly dreamy, a testament to how hot Canadian men are, but in Season 2 he is so much less fun than in Season 1, shame on you writers. Even though a feminist in me has a lot to say for male-dominated plot and characters, I am learning to appreciate perving on hot men, of which there are many in most Marvel shows. Yay!

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