repost from YouTube: why young women can't be feminists

It seems at times that the sole purpose of 3rd wave *feminism, a neoliberal movement populated by young women, queer theory academics and men's rights activists, is to pander to male sexual entitlement while throwing less fortunate women under the bus. They do this by caring more about legalising paid rape (porn and prostitution) and facilitating erasure of biological females as a meaningful social category, than trying to improve the systematic oppression of 51% of the population. The outcome is woefully inadequate in stopping female reproductive, economic and social abuses, but on the bright side, the pole dancing classes have experienced a boom in membership due to young middle class women choosing to empower themselves by embracing the word "slut" and dangling off the pole.

Calling such behaviour "feminism" is the same kind of gaslighting we see all over the news, where war is peace, victims are perpetrators, man is a woman, poor person is just lazy in the world with highest inequality in history, black teen has only herself to blame for being harmed by the police (why was she wearing a bikini in the middle of summer 😱) and where women and girls can become empowered as a class only by making individual "choices" that satisfy demands of the patriarchy.

Here's Penny White's excellent vlog discussing why some young women, who are facing full wrath of toxic patriarchal culture, may not be able to fully embrace feminism, at least not until they are older, better situated and supported in their personal life.

* not feminism

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