This is huge!

Together with the phenomenal feedback I had received, my novel manuscript has now exceeded 90 000 words. This means everything to me. Despite all the trials and tribulations, and my natural procrastinating tendencies, this isn't just happening, this has already happened. These words are good, not snippets, outlines, stabs in the dark, no, it's a cohesive and complex narrative that is now at the point where all the developed storylines and characters are just waiting to be pulled together into a satisfying finish.

I reckon I still have about 30,000 words to write, before I call it finished. I have dreamt of this for a very long time and I'm deeply grateful to everyone and everything that's supported me and made this possible.

It was circa 1994, I found myself stuck on the sorely lacking alternative scene in Melbourne, Australia, 22000 km away from my home that was burning in the flames of war. I was sitting on the floor of a council house with some kids who were supposed to be my mortal enemies, and it was this song, alongside 'Teachers' by Leonard Cohen, Morrisey's 'Vauxhall and I' and everything by Sisters Of Mercy that started it all...

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