This was a year of concentrating on writing. I've realised that I can't divide my attentions if I want to achieve my goals. Focus is everything. So I deliberately neglected my blog, social media and photography. I'm still occasionally doing designs for my Zazzle store, but not often. This has been a process of discernment, as much reliant on my learning what I want out of life as well as accepting that I deserve to have what I want rather than forever delaying gratification, and never feeling like I'm doing what I should be doing. The psychological reward of giving yourself what you need, even if that is a kick in the butt or several courses to help you combat procrastination, is worth the effort.

So here are some snapshots from this past year (click to enlarge):

flower patch with roses and dahlias

this hollyhock grew wild, reaching over 9 ft tall

Agapanthus, my nod to Australia

Cactus dahlia

Blue Nigella

my cat Becksy under the apple tree

Becksy gazing at snapdragons

Jasper on the doorstep

sun deck

bee favourite dahlia

Dahlia 'Snowstorm' my favourite

veggie garden

beetroots for pickling

Swiss chard

purple climbing beans

our favourite pub (the guy on the wall looks like a mix between my dad and Karl Marx)

view from the pub

Jasper playing on the beach


Becksy in the weed patch (formerly known as 'veggie garden')

Jasper guarding emerging bulbs

autumn grass after the rain

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