These are our staple Saturday morning breakfast. During the week, things I'm looking for in my breakfast are:

1. Speed of preparation.

2. Healthy food. I don't like eating anything processed, like cereals or breakfast bars.

3. Something filling yet light.

I can only manage a strong breakfast like eggs or pastry, once in a while. So it's usually porridge or just oats, fruit and yoghurt, or if I have fresh homemade bread, then an open sandwich, like butter and jam or hummus, with yoghurt or tea or coffee.

So having something this delicious yet healthy and definitely filling, is a real treat that tells my body that we are safe for the weekend, we don't have to try hard or struggle or worry. We are on a mini break and in order to have fun and do all these things we've been dreaming about during the week, we need energy.

These pancakes are really versatile. You can make them plain, add some spices or a punnet of fruit (raspberries, cranberries, blueberries). You can add small chunks of banana, or peaches or even crispy bacon. Just thought of another possibility - grated carrot with cinnamon and a few chunks of walnut and raisin, for a carrot cake version! Or add some pureed pumpkin or sweet potato, with appropriate spices, for an autumn comforter. Literally, anything you want, as long as the chunks aren't bigger than a blueberry, otherwise you'll have trouble turning them over.

As for the toppings, my standard is organic maple syrup, because it goes really well with all options. But you can use honey, ice cream, creme fraiche with some cinnamon and sugar or eat them just plain.

You could just bake the entire mixture in a baking tray, and cut portions out during the week (keep it in the fridge, covered). But my favourite is to make small pancakes, about the size of the palm of your hand, and douse them in toppings.

(serves 2)

for pancakes:
1 cup oats
1 cup low fat cottage cheese
4 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon

coconut oil for frying

for the topping:
a handful of sour Morello cherries (fresh or defrosted, pips removed)
1 banana
organic maple syrup

Put all the pancake ingredients into the food processor, and process until you get a smooth batter. If you are making a different recipe, for example adding blueberries, add them into the batter now. Leave the mixture for about 20 minutes, until the oats soak in and the batter gets thicker.

Heat a frying pan on medium high heat. Add about 1/2 tsp of coconut oil per batch. Using a soup spoon, add 2-3 spoonfuls on top of each other, to make a small circular pancake. Fry 3-4 pancakes per batch.

When the top bubbles up and the bottom is nicely golden, turn over each pancake carefully and fry the other side for a minute or so. Stack pancakes on top of each other, you'll probably end up with 5-6 per person.

Arrange cherries and slices of banana around the stack and top with maple syrup.

Bon apetite!

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