sour cherry strudel

Sour cherries are my favourite fruit. Not necessarily for eating, but as addition to cakes, deserts, smoothies and the like. Also, sour cherry juice is a little piece of heaven, that contains so much melatonin, it'll help you fall asleep if you are having trouble in that department.

In Yugoslavia, where I am from, we used to have a cherry tree in our garden. A massive old tree whose branches would swell up with ripe fruit and droop so much, they would touch the ground. I used to pick them with my grandparents, then take all the pips out (end up with fuchsia hands for days) and freeze portions to use during winter.

Well, there are no sour cherries in the UK. It's been 10 years since I last tasted this delicious dessert, so you can imagine my joy when I found an online shop that stocks them in frozen form AND is willing to deliver! Already pitted and everything!! I was in heaven.

Two days later, this little delicacy was already on our table, and with no trouble at all, we ate it in a couple of days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Almost :D


500 g filo pastry
1.2 kg sour cherries (pitted, washed and defrosted if frozen)
fine semolina (several large serving tablespoons)

topping (using 250 ml cup)
3 large eggs
1 cup canola oil
1 cup yoghurt
1 generous cup sugar
10 g baking powder
splash of vanilla essence

First, make the topping by mixing eggs with sugar and then adding all the other ingredients.

Using 4 sheets of thin filo pastry per strudel, spread first three sheets with a few spoonfuls of the mixture, placing one on top of another, and top the fourth sheet with cherries and a serving tablespoon full of fine semolina, sprinkled on top of the fruit. Roll into a strudel and tuck the edges in so the fruit doesn't fall out. Place in the lightly oiled baking tray and repeat the process until you have five strudels, and quite a bit of mixture left.

Pout the remaining mixture over the cake, make sure it goes to all the crevices and in between, and leave to soak for half an hour.

Bake the strudel at 180 C for 35 minutes, or until golden.

Serve plain or sprinkled with icing sugar. Bon appetit!

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