pasta alla norma

This is a firm favourite vegetarian dinner, we have it almost every week. I adore aubergine, I can have it grilled, baked, fried, breadcrumbed, sauced-up, curried, stir-fried (you get the drift :)) And they say purple vegetables are super-healthy for your heart!


1/2 packet of spaghetti (about 220 g)
1 aubergine
2 cloves of garlic
1 can of whole tomatoes or 3-4 medium fresh ones
chilli flakes
salt, pepper, olive oil
1/2 block of feta cheese (or mascarpone, cream or kajmak)
large handful of fresh basil leaves


Cook spaghetti in a large pan filled with salted water.

To prepare the aubergine. Cut it in half then in quarters, and into 1 cm thick 'fingers'. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and leave in kitchen towels for 20 minutes, until it softens and releases some of the bitterness.

Fry the aubergine (either sprinkle with oil and grill it or shallow fry it in olive oil) and drain on kitchen towels when it's done.

In the same pan, quickly fry sliced garlic and a bit of chilli flakes, adding chopped tomatoes (skin removed) and season to taste. Cook the sauce for 5-10 minutes, until it reaches the desired consistency. When it's cooked, add chopped basil first, stir, then add crumbled feta, and the aubergine last. Mix the sauce with cooked spaghetti and serve immediately.
Bon appetite!

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