pistachio gelato (kulfi really)

Pistacchio gelato is one of my all time summer favourites, as is the Indian pistachio kulfi. They are very similar in taste unless you like to make it with eggs, but that makes things so much more complicated especially if you make the egg custard base first.

Kulfi, as well as many gelati are made by reducing the sweetened milk by a 1/3 or even a half. This increases the fat content enough to avoid the ice crystals, but still maintains the fresh, light and fragrant flavour.

However, being impatient as I am, I use condensed milk to achieve all this without any cooking, and the results are far from disappointing.


1 small tin of condensed milk (usually unsweetened)
semi skimmed milk 
5 tbsp caster sugar
a drop of natural green food colouring
a good handful of pistachio nuts


Place the condensed milk into a 1 litre measuring jug. Make up to 600 ml with ordinary milk. Add the sugar gradually, whisking all the time, until you get a rather sweet liquid. Don't worry, it becomes much less sweet when the gelato is finished.
Use the natural green food colouring sparingly to achieve a pale and milky green colour.

Grind the pistachio nuts in a food processor (or beat them in a plastic bag until sufficiently crushed). You want a mix of various sizes, from a fine powder to noticeable crumbs of nuts, it will give the gelato a nice texture as well as flavour.

Using the ice cream machine, churn the gelato for about 30 minutes. Alternatively. freeze and remove from the freezer every 2-3 hours, then mix either manually or using a whisk, and repeat that 3-4 times, to get a really nice ice cream.

Serve with anything you like! Bon appetit :)

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