dill soup

This is a lovely winter warmer, with fresh dill bringing the memory of a Mediterranean summer...


1 bunch fresh dill
2 tsp butter
1 l vegetable or chicken stock
salt and pepper
1 egg


Remove the toughest and thickest stalks from dill, then chop it finely.
Melt the butter (make sure it doesn't burn!) and sauté the dill in it for about 1 minute. Using yoiur fingers, sprinkle the flour all over the dill. This way, you can make sure you don't put too much flour, because it is supposed top just aid the consistency, not to significantly thicken the soup.
Stir and let the flour cook for about 30 s.

I usually use an organic stock cube dissolved in twice as much boiling water, but feel free to use any stock you like (it should be mild stock, if you have concentrated or strong one, dilute it with water first, because this soup is supposed to be light and most flavour to come from the dill).

Let the soup cook through for about 6-8 minutes on moderate heat.

Beat the egg in a cup, and add gradually the flour, stirring constantly. Add a bit of salt for flavour. You want to reach the consistency of a runny batter (about the thickness for american pancakes, thicker than for crepes) so that when you pour it into the hot soup, while you beat the soup with the fork, it forms lots of tiny irregularly shaped dumpling-thingies.

Season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve hot with a tiny dollop of creme fraiche.

Bon appétit!

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