blueberry gelato


I always believed that I won't like blueberries, so I never ate them. They looked suspiciously sour to me and I don't like the idea of having to put sugar on my fruit in order to enjoy it. I love blueberry muffins and blueberry cheesecake, but uncooked blueberries were never on my menu. Until a few days ago when I braved trying some succulent Scottish blueberries and they were incredible!
So making the blueberry gelato seemed like the right thing to do.

This recipe is incredibly tasty and yields about 500 ml of wonderful frozen dessert:


200g (1 punnet) ripe fresh blueberries (frozen are even better)
220 ml sweetened condensed milk
2 tbsp mascarpone cheese
splash of cream (about 30-50 ml)
milk (make up the mixture to 800 ml)


Blend the blueberries in a food processor.
Using a 1L measuring jug, first add the condensed milk, then mascarpone and whisk until smooth. Add the cream, then the blueberries and stir well.

Add milk until the mixture reaches 800 ml mark.
Pour into the ice-cream maker and churn until ready.

(NOTE: if you don't have the ice-cream machine, put the mixture in the freezer and take out every 2 hours, mix either with the electric mixer or in a food processor, then return to the freezer and repeat at 2-3 hourly intervals until you have smooth and yummi ice-cream)

Bon appétit!


  1. wow I certainly have to try this! But I had nevver imagined that mascarpone or any other cheese can be added in ice cream. I love this flavor combination. By the way kako to misliš splash of cream ..jel to umućena pavlaka za kuvanje ili samo u tečnom obliku? Hvalaaa :)

    1. This is my husband's favourite ice cream, it's really lovely, but it's easy to add too much mascarpone, which makes it taste more like a cheesecake ice cream :)) You can try sieving the blueberry bits if you prefer a smoother result. By "splash" I mean "a little bit" so yes, tečni cream (slatka pavlaka) although you can add milk instead. It's just an experiment, so keeping the basic ingredients in mind, you can alter it to suit your taste and mode of preparation.

    2. I still remember your comment on my chocolate yoghurt mousse post when you said that it would make a wonderful ice cream, I can't wait for summer to come and try it. My sister also made an ice cream wiht chocolate spread and whipped cream, she said it's good. I will try this combination too, although I have no ice cream machine. Delicious ideas!

    3. I made that chocolate mouse into frozen yoghurt and it was wonderful! The thing with ice creams and gelatos is that the liquid mixture has to be much sweeter than you want the ice cream to be, because it loses sweetness as it gets churned. I think the best way to make it without an ice cream maker is to take it out if the freezer every half hour or hour and mix using the hand held mixer. That way you minimize ice crystals and end up with aerated, smooth ice cream instead of a frozen block. My grandma used to do it that way, it was a lot of work, so I'm very grateful to have an ice cream maker.
      Another wonderful chocolate ice cream is made with a can of coconut milk, powdered sugar, cocoa powder and dessicated coconut. You can also add Greek yoghurt for a more refreshing result :)

    4. Woq I do love coconut!
      I made some icecreams and had some crystals even though i was stirring from time to time but actually using no mixer, thanx for that tip, I'll give it a try!����
      That crystalls used to melt some minutes after serving so I had no problem eating the icecream:-)

    5. I'm glad I could help! I think the mixer adds more volume to the ice cream, which is never a bad thing :D