chocolate hazelnut gelato

Nut gelati are probably my favourite after the clean and fruity sherbets and sorbets. Also, I am really fussy about my icy chocolate desserts.
I don't like them to be heavy, made with lots of cream or with too much dark chocolate, like traditional french-style ice creams.


That's why this gelato works so well - it is sweet, nutty and chocolatey, without being too heavy.

I like using Milka chocolate when I am making this because Milka basic chocolate actually contains quite a bit of hazelnut paste (which gives it that unique taste) so I think it works well together, but it tastes really lovely if you use high quality dark chocolate instead (70% cocoa solids), but in that case, you'll need a bit more sugar.

In any case, here's the recipe:


110 g sugar (or 150 g if using dark chocolate instead of Milka)
300 ml milk
100 g Milka chocolate (or 75 g dark bitter chocolate)
1 egg
a splash of vanilla extract
30 g crushed hazelnuts

Mix the egg and sugar together, until you get a light and fluffy mixture.
Place the milk, vanilla and chocolate into a bowl, and then place the bowl over the pan of simmering water and melt. Once the milk is hot and chocolate melted, add the egg mixture to it and whisk for a few minutes, then remove from heat and allow to cool completely.
Into a cold mixture add crushed hazelnuts, mix well and pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and allow about 30 minutes until it is done.

Alternatively, freeze on the bottom of the freezer, removing every 1-2 hours and churning either by hand or in the food processor, to break up the crystals and ensure smooth and creamy consistency.

Bon appétit!

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