chilli feta

Since trying baked feta I've become a fan of warm cheese on crusty bread as an entree or a light lunch. Usually, they are baked over some tomatoes, but in this Nigel Slater recipe, all it takes is a few minutes in a hot pan.


Extremely tasty and lots of flavoursome olive oil to dip your bread into!

Serves 4 (entree)


1 block firm feta cheese (200 g)
2 red chillies
2 spring onions
olive oil


Finely dice the chillies (deseeded if you want milder heat) and spring onions. Sauté in 2 tbsp olive oil on moderate heat until the vegetables become soft (do not brown them).
Sprinkle some thyme, stir and place a whole block of feta on top. Pour some chilli and onion with oil on top and allow it to warm through.
Serve warm with fresh crusty bread.


Bon appétit!

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