watermelon and mango sherbets

Sherbets are my favourite ice-creams. They are just a little bit richer than sorbets, because they use milk, but are nowhere near as heavy as real ice creams. Also, they lend themselves to fruit perfectly, and are really refreshing especially in summer.


I have been making frozen desserts in a typical bucket-type ice cream maker for about a week now. One was given to us as a wedding present ages ago, and it remained on the shelf waiting for a move into a new house with the bigger kitchen.
However, due to this unfortunate financial crisis, we haven't quite managed to move into that better house yet, so this summer I finally decided to crack the gift open.
I must say that even though the cheap bucket-type ice cream makers (the ones where the bucket needs to be frozen for 8 hours before you make the ice cream) produce lovely frozen desserts, the annoyance of having to wait for hours until you can make a second batch proved too much for me. So I just splashed out on a proper countertop ice cream maker, the one that freezes the stuff by itself and doesn't need any freezing beforehand. I can't wait until it turns up!

In the mean time, these I made over the weekend and they were absolutely divine!
If you don't have the ice cream maker, you can make them without, just freeze for an hour and then remove, churn well with a wooden spoon and freeze again. Repeat the process 4-5 times over the next few hours and you'll end up with pretty much the same thing as this.



220 ml sweetened condensed milk
1-2 slices of ripe watermelon, deseeded
semi skimmed milk

Clean the watermelon of all the pips, cut up into chunks and and blend until you get a smooth puree.

Mix the watermelon and sweetened condensed milk.
Top up with milk to make 800 ml
Churn in the ice cream maker until ready (or freeze and mix every 2 hours or so until fully frozen).

Serve in bowls or ice cream cones immediately, or within 2 months of the preparation.



220 ml sweetened condensed milk
2 medium sized, completely ripe mangoes (if you can't find good mangoes, just substitute with one can of peach slices in natural juice. Use peaches only, discard the juice. The colour and consistency, once pureed, will be very similar to ripe mangoes, minus the exotic fragrance and taste, but it will do I'm sure)
1 lime
1/2 lemon
semi skimmed milk

Place condensed milk into 1 l measuring jug.

Puree the mango flesh and to it add the rind and juice of one lime and juice of 1/2 lemon.

Mix the condensed milk and mango puree and top up with milk to make 800 ml
Churn in the ice cream machine for about 30 minutes, until frozen.
Alternatively, freeze and mix every hour or so until desired consistency is reached.

Serve immediately or within 2 months of preparation.
Bon appétit!

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