easy apple cake

This is one of my all time favourite cakes. It is not too sweet, it contains fruit and it lasts up to 7 days, which is great considering that I cook only for 2 people and it takes us that long to eat an average sized cake.

easy apple cake

This recepie is simple, and doesn't have to be too precise because the amount of semolina you need to use largely depends on how wet the apples are and how big are your eggs.
I don't drain the apples because that juice keeps the finished cake moist, rather, I add a bit more semolina in order to get that typical cake dough consistency that pours well but is definitely thicker than pancake mixture.


1 egg
1 mug of sugar (choose the mug you will use, I use my coffee mug which is about 250 ml in volume)
1/2 mug of oil

1/2 mug of milk
1 mug of ground walnuts
2 mugs of grated apples (about 4 - 6 apples)
1 - 1 1/2 mugs of semolina
1/2 - 1 tsp baking powder

(for chocolate glaze)

200g dark cooking chocolate
4 tbsp sugar
4-5 tbsp milk
not a full tbsp of butter


Mix well the egg and sugar. Gradually add oil and milk, then walnuts, grated apples and in the end the semolina mixed with baking powder.

Pour the mixture into oiled and dusted with flour medium sized square cake pan/tin (approx. 25cm x 36) and bake at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes.
Check it is done by piercing the middle with a fork. If the fork remains clean, the cake is done.

Pour the glaze over the hot cake. You make the glaze like this:

Put milk, sugar and chocolate on low fire and melt slowly, mixing often. Add butter and mix well into a shiny chocolate glaze. Pour over cake and let it cool.

Cut into squares and serve with milk.

Bon apetit!!

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